The Georgia Tech Office of Emergency Management and Communications works to mitigate and prepare for disasters by developing plans to address the threats and risks that exist on campus.  


We address hazards at 4 levels of organization.


1.  Institute Level - Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The EOP is our overarching emergency plan for Georgia Tech.  In a nutshell, it defines the roles and responsibilities each department has (if any) in an emergency.  It is the "umbrella" plan that all other emergency plans are based on. Only one (1) EOP is written for Georgia Tech. 

2.  Department Level - Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

The COOP plan is the plan that departments use to get back to normal after an event disrupts routine operations.  Each department is responsible for developing a COOP plan using the Kuali software.  

3.  Building Level - Redbook , Building Managers

The Redbook is a template that building managers can use to develop an emergency response plan specifically for their facility.  The Redbook addresses items such as evacuation and assembly points, location of AEDs, and hazards unique to that building.  

4.  Individual Level - GTENS, LiveSafe, Emergency Preparedness

Although there isn't a specific "plan"; nothing can take the place of personal preparedness!