The Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS) is a system to immediately disseminate emergency  information to the Georgia Tech Community.  The core of GTENS sends alerts by text, voice message and by email.  But   the system also connects with the Georgia Tech homepage (www.gatech.edu), with our social media accounts and with digital signs across campus.  This system is an opt-in system just for the Georgia Tech community.

When is GTENS used? 

GTENS is only used when there is an imminent threat that requires the community to take immediate action.  The only exception is to announce closures to campus or suspension of classes.

Sign Up for GTENS

To sign up for GTENS, log into passport.gatech.edu to add your contact information.  Note that if you are not a student, staff or faculty member, you will not be eligible to sign up for GTENS.  Georgia Tech affiliates, contractors and neighbors, may work with the Office of Emergency Preparedness directly for access.