General Reporting Procedures
  • If at all possible, use a campus phone and avoid using a cell phone.
  • Describe the characteristics of the package and why it is believed to be suspicious. 
  • If there is a visible chemical or powder being emitted from the package:
    • Seal the room by closing doors and windows if possible.
    • Evacuate, but isolate any persons that made contact with the chemical/powder. Keep them isolated until cleared by fire/medical personnel.
    • Shut off air moving equipment (HVAC) to the effected room if possible.
  • If the package has an identifying name on it (business card, addressee, sender, etc.), try and contact the person for more information. Many times suspicion may be allayed and the package cleared by this method. NOTE: If that information was not gathered during the initial interaction with the package, do not approach the package again to retrieve that information.
  • Communicate all pertinent information about the incident and package to the responding police/bomb squad or fire personnel, including whether the package was moved or handled and who handled it.


General Guidance
  • Stay calm.
  • If you are already holding it, carefully and gently place it on the nearest level surface.
  • Evacuate the area around the package. If the package is briefcase/backpack size, evacuate the immediate room or area around the package, as well as any adjacent rooms or hallways, and any rooms immediately above and/or below the affected room.
  • Do not use radios or cell phones within 100 feet of the package.
  • Be aware of the possibility of secondary devices.